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The Pen of The Ready Writer Ministry (P.R.W.) is burdened with the great desire to teach the Christian world how to pray targeted prayers and get answers to our prayers. Prayer is all about getting the Believer’s prayer altar linked with the Golden Altar in front of the Throne of God, such that when our prayers rise up like smoke from our altars, they will find their way to the ultimate target of the Believer’s prayer – The Throne of God through The Golden Altar. Rev.8:3,4. The Golden Altar represents the Intercessory Ministry of our Lord Jesus, our able Advocate in heaven. What is the Lord Jesus praying about this matter? We seek God’s Face in much waiting upon Him in praying and fasting (if necessary), waiting for Him to reveal to us the mystery behind the challenge. Then we seek out in His Word the necessary counter-measure God has hidden in there for us. When we release that Word (called ‘Rhema’) as prayer, it becomes a deadly weapon of offense which will go forth like a scud missile, search out and locate and dismantle all the weapons of the enemy arrayed against us and enforce God’s will and counsel over the situation.

Beloved, it works every time because it is a promise of the Lord to us in Jn.15:7 – If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

‘’….my tongue is the pen of the ready writer’’ Psa.45:1

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