Spiritual Warfare to break out from prison to Palace Volume1

A study of Biblical strategies for unveiling and defeating the satanic strongmen & setting their captives free. The Preparation for The War.

The book From Prison to Palace is a manual of spiritual warfare, a do-it-yourself deliverance manual which can be used by individuals or groups. Volume One details the preparation for the actual war which is detailed in Volume Two. Volume One seeks to bring the reader into a place where he is ready to engage the deadly strongmen that have held him captive and wrestle himself and all that concerns him free buy the power of God. This is no mean feat and one has to have certain spiritual measures in place before facing deadly strongmen who have probably held generations captive. Those spiritual measures include a good knowledge of how and why the battles are arrayed against us, entering into a covenant relationship with the Man of War to ensure His total protection and victory, making use of Angelic assistance, knowing your weapons of war and so on. Without all these, one may not survive the war.

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