Dr Bunmi Binitie, has written quite a number of full-length books, two of which were published few years back and are in the process of being re-printed with another two which are being published for the first time. They will all be available for purchase by our readers on this blog and on Amazon in a few months’ time. The first two books on the list are the second editions….

1/ How we may Prove The Perfect Will of God – This book guides us into the rudiments of how to walk with God and prove His perfect will for our lives on every issue of life as we encounters them. We learn the different ways God talks back to us when we pray and this includes a chapter on dreams and their interpretations.

2/ Prophetic Fasting – Here we learn how to fast and please God and get solution to the challenge that drove us into the fast. It includes a study of all the fasts in Scripture and in American history, showing us how the nations of Israel and the USA became great and formidable nations despite the great disparity in their sizes and population. We shall see how their national lives were shaped by the way they used fasting and prayer at crucial times of their history.

3/ From Prison to Palace Volumes 1 & 2 – These much-needed illustrated pair of books teach us how to recognize the strongmen of darkness and how to use the Word of God to war against them and set their captives free into their divine destinies. The eternal principles taught in them are tried and tested and I have been using them effectively in counseling and deliverance for over twenty years, both for one to one counseling and online counseling. They can be used for personal or family or clan or national deliverance.

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