Courtship, The Biblical Way

How to allow God to guide you in choosing that correct mate He created for you on the Sixth Day of Creation.

This book is a key divine manual for use in choosing who to marry so as to avoid regret and divorce later. A woman was created from the rib of her own husband on the sixth day of Creation; and that is the person either of them need to find by the help of the Holy Spirit and marry so as to make a perfect marital match. But how do they find each other? This book guides us through a detailed study of all the courtships in Scripture so that we might learn how God led them to make their choices such that their marriages served God’s purpose and they all found themselves in that divine lineage that brought the Saviour into the world. The conclusion of the matter then is that a Christian marriage is a ministry through which God purposes to reveal the Messiah to the present generation and generations to come.


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